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Students can study abroad for a semester a whole academic year, a semester, or for a week at Fordham University

About Fordham study abroad

There are available programs in over 50 countries and on 6 continents students that have an interest in studying abroad should have a well-programmed academic purpose according to their preparation,

It is pertinent to get in touch with the office of international and study abroad programs students applying for study must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 and a clean disciplinary record.

The core curriculum of Fordham must be completed before the period of study abroad begins, study abroad is an outstanding way for students to gain an in-depth understanding of other cultures and to incorporate a global dimension into their field of study  

Fordham Semester Programs

Fordham in Granada

Fordham study abroad program is in Granada Spain are based at the University of Granada in one of the most historic and fascinating cities of Andalucia courses in English or Spanish

Students fully improve themselves in Spanish language and culture or start out their language study, content courses in Art history, and business. International studies, music, politics, computer science, Maths, psychology, Literature, Communication, History, and various students to participate in the program.

Fordham in London

Fordham provides study abroad programming in the Liberal Arts, Academic, and Theatre, Business, internships, and the capability to enroll in courses at the University of Westminster, City University, and is based in Clerkenwell in central London, 

Fordham Exchange Program 

Fordham University is in collaboration with other universities worldwide exchange programs have  been designed with the independent student at heart, courses are often lectured in the language of the host country,

The majority of your coursemates will be students from the host country, studying in one of Fordham’s exchange programs provides students with the opportunity to of great academic and professional improvement through admission to the host institution 

Fordham Partners Programs 

There are lots of universities worldwide  in collaboration with Fordham University  to provide students with study abroad programs on six continents  and in 52 different countries 

Fordham’s partnership programs are often on a particular field of study the financial aid and cost policies applications and the deadline for partners program differ from exchange programs and

You can check out the list of all the study abroad programs on their official websites and use the advanced search feature that will allow you to search for programs by field of study academic setting, term accommodation 

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