Financial Analyst Internship (Check Details)

Financial analyst internships invites interns to enroll, learn and apply cutting-edge finance, accounting, and analytic principles.

About Financial Analyst Internship

Many financial analyst interns need to possess specific abilities in order to carry out their duties. We were able to focus on the most typical competencies for someone in this position by looking through resumes. We found that many resumes listed computer, math, and detail-oriented talents.

As a financial analyst intern, your duties will include data collection, report preparation, trend research, performance impact analysis, financial model creation, and result forecasting. You will help with the implementation of strategic plans and the documentation of processes.

As an analyst intern, you might experience several financial activity sectors. You could aid the sales team by helping with marketing or customer service tasks, researching competitors, or managing operating costs.

Financial Analyst Internship Available

For the Finance, Accounting, and Sales Operations University Hiring Program, the company  is looking for individuals with outstanding academic records and great potential, there is wide range of opportunities in its commercial, manufacturing, and product operations groups.

The purpose of the university hiring program is to create a pool of bright, motivated, and diverse students who will contribute to the growth of most valuable resource:

Interns’ Responsibilities 

The intern may work on the following tasks:

  • Create financial models and offer analyses and insights on the return on investment of important investments and resource choices.
  • Applying the fundamentals of finance, accounting, and analysis will help with fundamental budgeting, forecasting, and company planning tasks.
  • Presentation of analysis and suggestions to executives and decision-makers
  • Participate in or oversee the completion of the month- and quarter-end financial closing
  • Offer technological or reporting remedies (SAP, EDW, Tableau, etc.)
  • With a summer project, the team can increase its technical subject matter expertise.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Currently enrolled in and returning to a degree-seeking academic program at an approved university is a requirement for enrollment in a program.
  • Internship Work Period: Must be available for a 10- to 12-week period beginning in May or June, working full-time (about 40 hours per week). Dates for specific starts are disclosed during the hiring process.

Competencies, Knowledge, Education, and Training:

  • Before beginning an internship, at least two years of undergraduate study must have been completed.
  • Finance, accounting, business, math, economics, or a related discipline are desired majors.
  • Ideally Minor: A plus are data analytics, statistics, and computer science.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel proficiency; knowledge of Tableau and SQL is a bonus
  • A strong willingness to study and pick up new skills
  • Highly motivated by oneself, inquisitive, and at ease with ambiguous tasks
  • Effective written and spoken communication skills with the team, as well as a collaborative work style
  • Experience dealing with data (wrangling, cleaning, summarizing, etc.), including at least one significant quantitative research project, is desired. High integrity and the capacity to handle confidential information and data correctly (e.g., stats or econometrics term papers)
  • A 3.0 GPA, with 3.5 preferable (please list on resume)

As your internship progresses, you might find that you’re assuming greater responsibility or a leadership position. Through the career evolution, a financial analyst internship can choose their career goals by using the career map.

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