Federal Reserve Internship (Comprehensive Guide)

The program ensures talented college students  learn the practical knowledge required in a competitive global labor market by combining academic endeavors with project-related work experience.

About Federal Reserve Internship

The Federal Reserve Board (Board) offers students options for professional advancement. The Internship Program at the Board is intended to give useful work experience for undergraduate and graduate students interested in areas such as economics, finance and accounting, information systems, and data analysis.

They also provide summer legal clerk positions for JD students and dissertation fellow positions for PhD students in economics or finance. 

Criteria for Selection

Learn more about the prerequisites below

  • U.S. citizens are eligible for employment in the Board’s summer internship program. 
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a recognized university and intend to return to school following the internship. 
  • Candidates are chosen on the basis of merit

Types of Interns 

Below are categories of interns that can enroll for the internship program

  • Intern/undergraduate: The majority of the Board’s summer intern program consists of individuals obtaining a bachelor’s degree at a recognized university. Their pay is determined by the number of credit hours completed.
  • Intern/graduate: Students enrolled in a graduate degree (master’s or PhD programs) at a recognized university are eligible for this intern category.
  • Summer law clerk: This is a specific intern type used by the Legal and Office of Inspector General divisions; these students must be enrolled in an accredited JD program, but no credit hours are required.

The internship provides excellent chances for students and early-career professionals to develop their talents through mission-driven work in a variety of areas.

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