EY Launch Internship Program 2022 – Check Qualifications

EY launch internship program is ongoing! With the global scale, culture, and technology available at EY, you’ll have the chance to create a career that is as unique as you are and develop into your best self.

About EY Launch Internship

EY offers a wide range of job opportunities, and with so many choices available, we comprehend that it might be challenging to make a decision.

We recommend that you apply to not more than 2 posts during a 6-month period in order to have the greatest candidate experience.

Please carefully read the job description before starting your application to make sure you meet the requirements for the position.

A recruiter may get in touch with you to determine your interest in other opportunities at EY if we are unable to consider you for this particular role.


  • Gaining a thorough knowledge of our service offerings and expert services
  • Laying the groundwork for the most in-demand business skills through in-class and on-the-job training
  • Fostering relationships with coworkers and, possibly, locating mentors who might help you succeed
  • Learning about and adjusting to our special collaborative culture
  • Considering and conveying your desired future job path on a personal level


  • Status as a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college
  • Outstanding academic standing in accounting, computer information systems, management information systems, finance, economics, or a related field
  • Strong inclination for affiliation with groups that value racial diversity and inclusion, such as NABA or ALPFA
  • A track record of success as a leader, perhaps in a club or society on campus
  • A sincere desire to work in professional services
  • A United States acceptable driver’s license

EY’s mission is to improve working conditions by fostering long-term value creation for clients, people, and society as well as fostering confidence in the financial markets.

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