Exxonmobil Internship (Check for more Details)

ExxonMobil is a market leader in the petrochemical sector and one of the biggest publicly traded international energy firms, the interns would acquire relevant practical experience.

About Exxonmobil

Energy is a necessity for everyone. ExxonMobil has invested in communities and technology for more than 135 years

In an effort to provide the world with more affordable and sustainable energy alternatives. Energy, chemicals, lubricants, and technology with less emissions are just a few examples of the items that our three main businesses Upstream, Product Solutions, and Low Carbon Solutions offer.

About Exxonmobil internship

If you are a student pursuing a BS, MS, or PhD in engineering or a field closely related to engineering and would like to be considered for an ExxonMobil internship or co-op opportunity in the United States, please submit your resume and transcript to this posting along with your application materials.

Benefits of Interns Exxonmobil Internship

Learn more about the perks of Exxonmobil Internshipn below

  • You can anticipate using your education and skills in a genuine business context starting on the first day of your internship. 
  • You’ll have the chance to prove your worth by completing difficult jobs.
  • You will pick up skills, knowledge, and work experience that will help you greatly in your future career during your internship at ExxonMobil.
  • ExxonMobil supports lifelong learning and growth. In addition to receiving on-the-job training, your supervisors will also mentor and coach you while you are an intern.

Eligibility Requirements

learn more about the the prerequisites for Exxonmobil Internshipn below

  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or higher (in any field of study) right now at an accredited 
  • Institution of higher learning, with strong academic credentials
  • Self-driven with strong leadership and communication abilities
  • Strong technical skills (such as meticulousness, organization, and aptitude for arithmetic and analysis)

Please be aware that only those who make the short list will be notified. Please be sure to mention in your cover letter and résumé when you are available for an internship, Browse campus listings instead, which can include IT, HR, Accounting/Finance, Commercial, and Geoscience.

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