Evans Scholarship: Requirements and Application

The Evans Scholarship is a full housing and tuition college scholarship awarded to golf caddies with limited financial means. 

About Evans Scholarship 

Golf caddies with minimal financial resources can apply for the Evans Scholarship, which covers all living expenses as well as tuition. 1,070 Evans Scholars are enrolled in 21 top universities around the country this academic year.

More than 11,550 exceptional young men and women have received the Evans Scholarship and graduated from college since 1930, when the first two Evans Scholars enrolled at Northwestern University.

Strong caddie records, superior academic performance, exemplary behavior, and clear evidence of financial need are taken into consideration when choosing Evans Scholars.

So far, they have given the Evans Scholarship to 100 Caddie Academy alumni who have successfully completed the three-summer WGA Caddie Academy curriculum.


A caddy must satisfy four important criteria in order to be eligible for an Evans Scholarship.

1. Candidates must have a minimum of two years of excellent caddying experience.

2. Candidates need to have a strong high school academic record and high marks on standardized tests.

3. Candidates must show significant financial need

4. letters endorsing the applicants’ character from club and high school representatives are required.


All first-year and transfer students, including those who are homeschooled, international, first-generation, from rural or small towns, or who are applying through QuestBridge, must submit the resources listed below.

  1. Application for Admission and Supplement Essays

2. Application Fee or Automatic Fee Waiver

3. Secondary School Report and Transcript

4. Two Teacher Evaluations

5. Test-Optional

6. College Reports and Transcript (transfer students only)

7. English Language Proficiency Test Scores (international applicants only)

8. Midyear Report (first-year applicants only)

Application Deadline

They have set the application deadline of the Evans scholarship to be on October 20, 2022. 

Once an applicant shows their intentions to apply, further information on the campus application process is given to them immediately. Kindly share this information.

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