Epic Games Internship 2022 – Check Requirements

To join their development teams, Epic Games is seeking intelligent, motivated interns. When you work for Epic, you’ll be a part of a team that’s pushing the boundaries of interactivity and gameplay.

About Epic Games

Epic Games employs more than 4,500 people worldwide across 55 studios in 19 different countries. We’ve been creating award-winning games and engine technology for more than 25 years, enabling others to create visually spectacular games and 3D material that breathes new life into surroundings.

In addition to enabling game developers to create high-fidelity, interactive experiences for PC, console, mobile, and VR, Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine technology is a tool that is being embraced by content creators across a variety of industries.

About Epic Games Internship

You will join a team that is pushing the boundaries of interaction and gameplay when you join Epic. You’ll help maintain their relentless emphasis on innovation, quality, and community across Unreal Engine, Fortnite, TwinMotion, and the Epic Games Store.

The Fortnite team at Epic Games is looking for innovative gameplay AI programmers to join them as interns in 2023.

Over the course of their employment, their interns are given difficult projects, valuable learning opportunities, and held to a high standard of performance.

The AI that makes the Fortnite universe come to life is created and maintained by this team. If you want to make something Epic, this is the opportunity for you!


  • Create and improve AI components for Fortnite NPCs and monsters.
  • Support Fortnite’s multiplatform technological excellence
  • Improve and address issues in the current AI systems used for gaming
  • Contribute concepts to the creation and growth of the game’s AI.
  • Write solid, dependable C++ code


  • Strong C++ expertise is required.
  • Portfolio of work using C++ to code games and artificial intelligence
  • Grasp of blueprints and experience with Unreal Engine
  • Devoted to Fortnite and other items from Epic Games as well as video game development
  • Exceptional communication abilities and teamwork experience
  • Able to quickly and effectively reply to code feedback

This internship has a variable start date in 2023. The hiring process will continue until teams find the perfect match. Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.

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