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During the winter term, Elon provides various faculty-led study abroad and study USA programs these starts with a semester-hour requirement preparatory seminar course in the fall semester.

About Elon Study Abroad

The operation of the Elon study abroad program takes place in London England, China, Dunedin, New Zeeland, and Florence, Italy and England faculty member of Elon serves as faculty in residence for the program and teaches one course while local faculty teaches additional courses

The GEC has given approval for these programs based on safety, and level of support The GEC has vetted and approved these programs based on safety, academic standards, and the general fit with the Elon university philosophy and curriculum 

Elon Enrollment Status

A student cannot be considered an Elon student while participating in a non-Elon program moreover if a students request is approved regarding the non-Elon experience the students the student will not need re-application to Elon upon return a student @elon.edu email address will remain active during the term abroad on a non-Elon program should not withdraw from Elon the Gec will notify the appropriate offices 

Elon Cost

Elon charges a non-refundable administrative fee of $1000for all non-Elon semester and year global  engagement programs after approval of the request, student pay program costs directly to the program provider 

Transfer Credit Non-Elon Engagement Program 

Students following proper procedures for the program and completing course approval procedures  before enrolling in a non-Elon program may receive transfer credit is not guaranteed and is given based on a course-by-course to be decided by the registrar’s office in consultation  with academic department chairs and appropriate authorities 

Students that study abroad on numerous affiliated or exchange semester programs will receive Elon credit pay through Elon to maintain the same financial  support and scholarship available on campus 

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