Duct Tape Scholarship: Benefits and Requirements

You can win a Duct Tape Scholarship by getting stuck at prom wearing your imaginative duct tape attire for you and your prom date. Alternately, have some Halloween fun by participating in the bizarre Halloween Duct Tape Contest.

About Duct Tape Scholarship 

One of the unusual scholarships for college offered by Duck Tape brand duct tape is the Duct Tape Scholarship. Create prom dresses and accessories out of duct tape, then upload a photo to the online competition to win a duct tape scholarship. 

 From makers and creators to professionals and do-it-yourselves, Duck Tape offers a wide range of innovative, forward-thinking solutions that assist everyone in bringing their ideas to life.

By offering consumers the tools they need to construct or repair anything, the brand creates trends with its wide range of colors and styles, fosters creativity, and sets the standard for DIY or worksite projects, crafting, and more.


1. You and your partner must be legal residents and at least 14 years old in order to apply for the Duct Tape Scholarship. Partners may be of the same sex or of opposite sex.

2. You have to wear clothing fashioned out of duct tape to a high school prom and have your picture taken before, during, or after the event.

3. The uniqueness, quality of the work, originality, use of color, use of accessories, and usage of duct tape will all be taken into consideration while judging the costumes.


1. Take part in the Halloween festivities to earn money for college.

2. Create a pumpkin decoration out of duct tape, either real or fake, and submit a photo to the online competition.

3. Your duct tape pumpkin design for Halloween needs to be distinctive and unusual. 

4. Must be at least 14 years old and a legal resident. 


Award amount of $10,000 and additional prizes

Why not use your Halloween festivities as an opportunity to enter to win one of these odd scholarships. We are thrilled to have the chance to support you in your academic endeavors.

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