Disney Imagineering Internship (View More Details)

In order to attract new employees, Disney frequently runs spectacular internship that encourages college students from throughout the nation to work at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

About Disney Imagineering

The architecture, ride systems, artwork, music, and animatronics that are used in Disney theme parks all around the world are created and built by Walt Disney Imagineering.

Robots called animatronics are made to mimic the motions and feelings of animated characters, with lifelike and believable motions being their most crucial feature.

Disney Imagineering Internship

The Labor Relations Intern helps the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort Labor Relations team on a daily basis and with projects in order to support site-specific collective bargaining agreements .

This role may offer administrative assistance during negotiations for union contracts, impact bargaining, and arbitrations. The NLRA, Title VII, and other labor and HR-related legislation must all be understood by our labor relations interns.

Interns Essential Duties 

Essential roles for interns includes the following

  • Helping with the logistics of negotiations and arbitration
  • Helping the labor relations staff with operations, effects bargaining, and grievances
  • To share with internal and external audiences, conducting legal research
  • Collecting private information in answer to questions
  • The keeping and archiving of documents
  • Supporting ideas and projects
  • Performing additional tasks relevant to the job as needed

Additionally, these interns will receive training as a back-up to help with the administration of duties.

Education and Skills

Learn more about skills, education and experience required for Disney internship below

  • Currently pursuing a degree in industrial and labor relations as a junior or senior.
  • High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Strong organizational abilities and attention to detail, with the ability to Handle confidential information
  • Being able to operate independently and with others
  • Ability to perform successfully under pressure and handle changing priorities
  • When unforeseen problems happen, multitask and remain adaptable by mastering new scenarios
  • Strong communication skills, both in writing and speaking
  • Effectively communicate both vocally and in writing Recognize and adhere to complicated, specific technical instructions
  • Recognize several components of laws relating to labor and human resources
  • High-level functional proficiency in both languages with Zoom, SharePoint, and SAP

Disney enthusiasts can also apply for internships at professional companies, where they can gain work experience while learning how Disney runs in their subject of study. 

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