Dental Assistant Internship: Application and Benefits

Gaining hands-on experience and polishing the actual skills you will use in a Dental Assistant profession which is critical in preparing students to find work after graduation.

About Dental Assistant Internship

Wiand Dental Laboratory is looking for a full-time Dental Assistant who wants to change careers and work in the exciting and ever-changing field of Dental Technology. 

Every case begins in our model room, which is also where your training as a dental technician will begin. Beyond that, there are opportunities for advancement such as supervisor jobs, traditional and digital design and manufacturing positions, client assistance, and more Wiand has specialized in high-quality implant and attachment prosthetics since 1992.

They are masters of trade and want to help train the next generation of incredible technicians Every day, interested applicants must be organized and on their game.

Experience and Skills Required 

Find out the necessary skills needed for this internship below 

  • Effective reading and communication
  • Excellent manual dexterity
  • A keen sense of detail
  • Positive and professional attitude Team player Ability to assess and prioritize work
  • Capability to multitask
  • artistic ability
  • You must enjoy working with your hands.
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Self-directed

Essential Roles

Check below to find out essential duties of interns

  • Trim Models
  • Articulate Models
  • Invest and Process
  • Read dental prescriptions
  • Pour Impressions


Learn more abut what interns stand to gin below

  • Your salary will increase as your talents improve.
  • Medical
  • 401(k) for dentists
  • Paid vacation
  • Beautiful and enjoyable working environment

The Dental Assistant Training program School, core programs, requires students to complete internship at a dental institution. interns are placed in rewarding, informative, an internship is a significant and necessary. 

CSN Team

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