Deepmind Internship (Complete Guide)

The Deepmind Internship is presently looking for Research Scientist Interns to join their interdisciplinary team and participate in groundbreaking intelligence research. 

About Deepmind

DeepMind is involved in the larger scientific community through publications and collaborations with many of the world’s best researchers and academic institutions. 

They have created a hardworking and engaging culture by fusing the best of academia with product-led surroundings, resulting in a balance of structure and freedom.

About Deepmind Internship

As an Applied Research Scientist intern at DeepMind, you’d be collaborating with our renowned team of scientists on topics ranging from Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence, 

With the overall goal of developing powerful general-purpose learning algorithms and applying them to high-impact real-world problems.

Their strategy stimulates collaboration across all areas within the Study team, resulting in ambitious creativity and the possibility of breakthroughs at the cutting edge of research and application.

Essential Roles of Interns 

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  • Interns collaborate with our Research Scientists to design, construct, and test perceptual processing models, agents, and software prototypes.
  • Report and communicate study findings and developments, including status and results, in writing and verbally.
  • Suggest and participate in team collaborations to achieve research objectives.
  • Close the research-to-products gap by incorporating fresh basic research into applied projects and identifying fascinating real-world problems to investigate.

Eligibility Criteria

You are qualified for the internship if you meet the following requirements

  • Pursuing a doctorate in machine learning, computer science, or a related topic
  • Currently in your final two years of study
  • Available in 2022 for 16-20 weeks (please note: there is no fixed start month)
  • Have Passion for Artificial Intelligence

Deepmind values diversity of experience, knowledge, backgrounds, and viewpoints at deepmind and leverages these strengths to make an amazing effect. 

CSN Team

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