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By exposing students to varied construction management roles in actual projects, the internship program supplements academic learning. 

About Construction Management Internship

Students must first seek pre-approval from the CM program before beginning an internship. Denying the request to enroll in CNST 3185 will come from working on an internship without the required pre-approval. 


The following requirements for internships Students will be informed if there are any anticipated changes beyond that date.

  • Employer. A general contractor, subcontractor, architecture/engineering business, developer, or owner organization/public agency engaged in heavy civil, commercial, industrial, or residential construction is required of students.
  • Duties associated with a job or an internship: The student is required to perform a task that is closely related to construction project management, such as supervisory field operations
  • Students are required to complete 400 hours of authorized work experience.
  • Course prerequisite for CNST 3185: After completing the aforementioned internship, students are required to submit a formal report in CNST 3185 that details the lessons they learned from the experience and includes an evaluation of the report’s technical quality and written communication skills. 
  • Before enrolling in an internship, a student must meet the prerequisites for CNST3185, which call for a grade of C or above in CNST2351 Estimating I. The course curriculum has more information on this subject.

Procedure for Internship & Enrollment

Pre-approval Request to the CM program (log in name and use your Cougarnet password). (If you have already begun an internship or work experience, kindly submit this request for pre-approval.)

You can obtain the student’s official email address here for all approval communication.

  • A minimum of 400 hours of acceptable internship work must be completed by the student throughout the internship. 
  • In order to complete the deliverables for CNST3185, the student must gather and record the necessary information during the internship. For more information.
  • Course prerequisites and internship evaluation: After completing the internship work listed above that has been authorized, the student must satisfy all of the following conditions in order to enroll in CNST3185 and get the internship credit:
  • Students must earn a C or above in CNST2351 in order to fulfill the prerequisite for CNST3185. I. Estimating
  • To begin his or her supervisor’s review of the intern’s performance, the student must complete the Enrollment Request Form. The supervisor must submit the evaluation results
  • Students will be informed by the CM program on how to enroll in CNST3185 once all of the aforementioned conditions have been satisfied and the intern performance evaluation result is satisfactory.
  • Completion of CNST3185: After enrolling in CNST3185, the student drafts and completes the internship report, which evaluates their technical proficiency and written communication abilities.

Getting pre-approval before beginning an internship: Prior to beginning an internship, a student must submit an Internship.

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