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Students interested in careers in clinical science, research, and practice can receive pre doctoral training through the Clinical Psychology Internship Training Program.

About Clinical Psychology Internship

The Clinical Psychology internship Programs at Brown oversee the Clinical Psychology Internship Training Program. 

The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University’s Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior (DPHB), which oversees the Consortium, has a Training Committee that serves as its key administrative body. The program’s goals and policies are coordinated by the Training Committee.

All current clinical psychology residents and program alumni must have their records kept up to date by the clinical psychology internship training program.

Graduate students in clinical or counseling psychology who have finished all other doctoral requirements are eligible to apply for this internship.

Objectives of Clinical Psychology Internship 

learn more about Clinical Psychology Internship program goals.

  • The program’s overall training philosophy demonstrates a dedication to the creation of psychologists who will enhance clinical science research and apply scientific understanding to human behavior in therapeutic practice.
  • The Clinical Psychology Internship Training Program’s main goal is to offer a predoctoral training year that integrates both depth and breadth of clinical exposure. The overarching goals are:
  • to ensure acceptable levels of competence in the fundamental areas of clinical psychology’s evaluation, therapy, consultation, and clinical research;
  • To offer a foundational focus in a certain area of clinical psychology
  • To promote clinical psychologists in training’s entire professional development.

After internship interns obtains substantial training in the fields of therapy, consultation, severe mental illness, diagnosis, and assessment. 

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