Citadel Internship Program – All you Should Know

Looking for Citadel Internships? The Citadel’s internship application procedure, requirements, application location, and all required paperwork are in this article.

About Citadel Internship

Paid internships are designed to help candidates better grasp their professional positions and the organization.

The equities teams at Citadel use their extensive knowledge to invest in the equity and equity-linked securities of businesses all over the world. The investment strategy involves setting up sector-focused teams to investigate companies from the ground up.

Understanding each company’s strategy, management team, performance drivers, and secular and cyclical industry patterns over the medium and long term are the method’s core tenets.


  • Benefit from mentorship
  • Develop valuable skills
  • Explore the community


  • GPA of 2.5 or higher, or departmental academic approval
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Desire to learn and apply efficient financial modeling techniques
  • Strong organization skills to help create and maintain investment team infrastructure
  • Intellectual curiosity and appetite to collaborate in a team environment


  • Learn to evaluate relevant factors such as supply chain and customer assessments, macroeconomic problems, trade, and regulatory problems, and historical trends.
  • Analyze significant news events that concern the teams’ covered companies
  • Conducting channel checks and surveys throughout the supply and distribution channels of pertinent companies, support the primary research process.
  • Maintain data and analysis of relevant industry metrics
  • Learn about available and proprietary third-party technology applications and how the team’s research method can use each of them.

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