Cato Institute Internship (See More Information)

The esteemed internship program at Cato gives interns the chance to gain practical research experience while honing their professional abilities and expanding their professional networks.

Background of Cato Institute 

Cato has spearheaded the fight for liberty in our country and around the world for more than 40 years. The Cato Institute is a think tank that conducts research on public policy and establishes a presence for libertarian viewpoints in policy discussions. 

Cato Institute Internship

One of the most renowned institutions for conducting public policy research in the nation and the world is the Cato Institute. 

By communicating research and ideas in simple, jargon-free English, Cato Institute help people understand liberty.

In order to create a society that is freer, happier, and more successful, Cato Institute discover points of agreement and collaborates with people and organizations from all political perspectives.

Special Skills

  • Social Media Management & Marketing
  • Statistical & Data Analysis
  • Research and writing


  • For the most part, Cato interns serve as researchers for our policy academics. 
  • Defense and international policy, healthcare policy, constitutional studies, and many other departments can be placed individually. Other
  • Interns are employed in positions that focus on communication, such as media relations, external affairs, and video creation.
  • Depending on the department interns work in, 
  • Being familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style to support citation verification,
  • Using data analysis tools like R, Stata, and Python to support our immigration department in compiling and analyzing immigration data.
  • Book citation techniques to support our Center for Constitutional Studies in drafting legal memos and analysis.


  • Interns take part in Cato’s John Russell Paslaqua Intern Seminar Series in addition to their departmental duties. 
  • Senior policy experts from Cato present this rigorous seminar curriculum, which covers public policy, economics, history, and political philosophy, 
  • Over the course of more than 40 reading-based seminar sessions per internship term. In order to help interns improve their communication skills, 
  • Learn about careers in public policy, and forge early professional connections that will help them advance after their time at Cato, the program also offers writing, public speaking, and networking opportunities with other organizations in the D.C. region. 
  • The working environment at Cato is friendly and professional. When possible, we want to hire our interns for full-time jobs, and they frequently have a competitive advantage.

The goal is to develop, promote, and advance solutions grounded in the ideals of peaceful coexistence, limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. 

CSN Team

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