California Scholarship Federation: Benefits and Requirements

Charles F. Seymour established the California Scholarship Federation in 1921 to honor academically outstanding students in the state of California.

About California Scholarship Federation

California Scholarship Federation is known as a nonprofit with the purpose of recognizing and promoting academic excellence and volunteerism among middle and high school students in California.

Throughout the state, there are over 1500 chapters in middle and high schools, and each chapter is made up of students who are eligible. A staff adviser is in charge of each chapter.

Applicants who meet the requirements can join based on their grades on their report cards. Membership drives are done each semester during predetermined times that are set forth by the State rules.

Membership is for one semester where annual conferences are held, and students receive prizes for their academic success and volunteer work.


1. For a Life Membership or Sealbearer, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF), Inc. offers scholarships to deserving California high school students.

2. The scholarships help the high school student not only while they are still in high school, but they also help pay for their college or university education.


In order to be eligible for CSF membership each semester, abide by these rules:

1. Earn a minimum of 10 CSF points based on your grades from the previous semester.

2. To qualify, take no more than five courses.

3. No CSF points are given for physical education, courses are taken in lieu of physical education, subjects repeated to improve a grade, courses involving school services such as a Teacher’s Assistant or Office Assistant.

4. The following is how CSF points are awarded: Even if it is an Honors or AP course, A is worth three CSF points, B is worth one, and C is worth zero.

When Can You Join CSF?

Students may actually apply for membership once the first semester of their sophomore year has ended.

This semester in particular contributes for CSF honor graduation or lifetime membership.

Overall, the California Scholarship Federation program seeks to recognize the accomplishments of diligent students. You can kindly share this information and leave a comment.

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