Business Internship (Benefits and Application)

Interns will work on cutting-edge projects having a global impact in areas such as finance, supply chain management, business and asset management.

About Business Internship

The Boeing intern experience includes site tours, community involvement, exposure to Boeing executives, networking events, and seminars to boost your growth.

Supervised work experience relevant to a student’s major or career objective for which the student receives academic credit is defined as an internship. Work experience might be part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid.

Benefits of Business Internship

Check below to find out the perks for interns 

  • Putting academic knowledge and talents to use in the workplace
  • Interacting and communicating with experts in the workplace
  • Increasing professional self-assurance
  • Clarifying professional objectives through exposure to a range of job opportunities
  • Making money for college and personal expenditures
  • Creating a professional contact network
  • fulfilling graduation requirements (general or free elective credit that does not apply to your minor or major electives for graduation)
  • Returning to university with renewed enthusiasm and a fresh outlook on learning

Eligibility Criteria

Check below to find out the prerequisites for the internship

  • Juniors and seniors (with more than 60 credits) and sophomores (with 45 credits and a 3.0 GPA or higher) 
  • Candidatas must have a good academic standing 
  • You should look for an internship with a company or organization linked to your academic major. 
  • Internships can be taken for three, six, or nine credits. Credit gained through the internship program can only be utilized as a general or free elective credit that does not apply to your minor or major electives, 
  • Internships must be approved by the chair of the relevant department and the internship director.

This internship Program complements student classroom preparation with real work experience and sharpen their skills.

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