Bright Futures Scholarship – Check Requirement Details

The Bright Futures Scholarship is a fabulous opportunity to go to college. The opportunity is highly lucrative, but it also has a tight set of prerequisites and is extremely competitive.

About Bright Futures Scholarship

Seniors at Florida high schools are eligible for the Florida Bright Future Scholarship, which is given after the prerequisites for the seventh semester of high school have been met.

Seniors in high school can apply starting on December 1 of each year. Florida residents must submit their information and an authorization form to the Florida Bright Futures Program at the Florida Department of Education through their high school guidance counselor in order to apply.

Your eligibility is decided by how well you did in high school. Florida residents have a fantastic opportunity to receive a full scholarship to college under the Bright Futures program.

But in addition to being a highly lucrative opportunity, it also has a tight set of prerequisites and is extremely competitive.


  1. Be a Florida resident, and a US Citizen or eligible noncitizen. Regardless of where your parents live, as long as you are a Florida resident, you are eligible.
  2. Earn a diploma from a Florida high school or high school equivalent. You can earn this diploma from a public high school or certified private high school.
  3. Be enrolled, or enrolling, for at least six credit hours per semester.
  4. Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application before August 31 of your graduation year.
  5. Enroll in a postsecondary program in the state of Florida.
  6. Not have been convicted of a felony


  • Minimum weighted 3.0 GPA in non-elective high school courses
  • Enroll in at least 3 credits in a single career and technical education program
  • Get a minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA in career education courses
  • Complete at least 30 service hours 

How to Apply

To apply for a Bright Futures Scholarship, submit a completed Florida Financial Aid Application during your last year in high school on the official website.

The scholarship has several levels with varying award amounts and varying requirements in terms of coursework, GPA, and test scores. Apply now!

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