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Whatever your professional interests are, Bayer has a wide variety of interesting positions at the cutting edge of innovation. an internship would be amazing and educational.

A Profile of Bayer

With a history spanning more than 150 years and core expertise in the life science industries of agriculture and healthcare, Bayer is a multinational corporation. 

Over 300 Bayer places and sites can be found all over the United States. With a concentration of locations in the heartland of America,

The footprint is mostly concentrated on the east and west coasts. While the North American headquarters for Crop Science are in St. Louis, Missouri, our North American headquarters for Consumer Health and Pharmaceuticals are in Whippany, New Jersey.

About Bayer Internship

Bayer’s goods and services are made with people’s needs and quality of life in mind. You can put your enthusiasm into reality and have an impact by working at Bayer.consider Bayer’s internship and employment options

Working at a company with excellent professional growth is advantageous because internships are the beginning of one’s professional development.

Roles for Intern

Check more information about essential duties for interns below 

  • This position, Leaps by Bayer MBA Summer Associate, mostly entails the following duties:
  • Become a member of a team of accomplished MBAs, MDs, PhDs, and technicians who are always searching for innovative ways to engage our consumers, modernize our platforms, and use data and analytics;
  • A special opportunity exists within our organization due to our ability to combine business potential with cutting-edge technologies;
  • Reporting to the Senior Director of Venture Investments in the healthcare division of Leaps, you will manage two distinct, high-profile projects that use Bayer assets to research and identify new investment opportunities in fields like consumer health, digital health, AI/machine learning, cell and gene therapy, microbiome health, gene correction, and tissue regeneration.
  • At the conclusion of the summer; Collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders from IT, R&D, supply chain, customer operation, and customer care to assess internal areas of disruption through outside investment;
  • Challenge the status quo and rethink company procedures using disruptive innovation’s perspective;
  • Build connections with a variety of innovators, technologists, and decision makers to create use cases and new business prospects.

Eligibility Criteria

Check more information about Bayer internship below 

  • Currently enrolled in graduate school or at least an MBA.
  • A thorough knowledge of biology, cancer, genetics, and cell and gene therapy; experience or Study in biotechnology and healthcare;
  • 2+ years’ worth of expertise in portfolio management, market research, financial modeling, or strategic planning;
  • Strong knowledge and skills in quantitative analysis; demonstrated aptitude for simplifying complicated ideas and applying innovative concepts;
  • Results-driven and possessing a keen feeling of urgency.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and presentational communication skills;
  • Knowledge of consumer health and digital health;
  • Strong capacity to encourage and influence individuals in both official and informal settings
  • Knowledge of intellectual property; Work experience in a financial investment organization (VC, private equity, etc.).

At Bayer, interns  are ecstatic and think highly of the benefits offered. Since it’s the summer, an internship should be fun as well as educational. Employees at Bayer are incredibly bored at work.

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