Bain Internship: Application and Requirements 

A great place to start if you want to work in management consulting is the Bain Internship Program

About Bain Internship

To satisfy the extraordinary client demand for digital innovation, new business development, product & service solutions to create new growth, the Innovation & Design (I&D) team is leading Bain’s firm-wide initiatives.

Bain brings together a broad mix of innovation consultants, designers, and tech specialists. Each member of the team is referred to as an entrepreneurial business creator who fosters commercial growth with clients by embracing technological innovation and novel working methods.


Check below to find out essential criteria for internship 

  • For the position of Innovation Lead Intern, candidates should have a passion for change, an entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, design thinking, and knowledge of or expertise in product development.
  • A drive to provide high-impact clients results in a dynamic setting.
  • Working knowledge of startups and other entrepreneurial environments is an added advantage.
  • Experience in overseeing the development of new digital projects from conception to launch.
  • Knowledge of or experience with modern innovation, design thinking, and product management techniques.
  • The capacity to quickly take in and understand technical information
  • Interact at every level of the Bain and client organizations with ease thanks to excellent interpersonal skills and emotional agility
  • Appropriate master’s degree
  • English proficiency is required.
  • Possibility of working full-time during the allotted 10-week internship period

Essential Roles

Check below to find out essential roles for interns 

  • Discover: Assist customers in comprehending the business, user, and technological environments. Establish priorities and evaluate risks to create a transformative future course.
  • Ideation: Use design principles as a guide, keep prioritizing, and concentrate on possibilities with the most potential.
  • Design and Validate: To bring an idea to life and test customer attractiveness, business viability, and technical feasibility, concept prototypes based on in-depth user ethnography must be created.
  • Build the venture team, the product, and the business strategy, then launch full-scale new companies, business models, and digital goods or services.
  • Scale: Improve the company’s operations and promote the sale of its new corporate startup’s goods or services.

This internship gives applicants the chance to learn about business strategy and the consulting company and even get hired as a Bain official consultant.

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