AT&T Internship (All You Should Know)

AT&T Internship gives supportive work Space with a variety of opportunities to help you develop your skills and realize your full potential.

About AT&T

AT&T’s aim is to link people with their world wherever they live, work, and play and to do it better than anyone else.

AT&T one of the largest communications company in the world and the only integrated solutions provider. 

Having been founded in 1876, AT&T has a 140-year history of innovation, which includes 8 Nobel Prizes and more than 12,500 patents in total

About AT&T Internship

Technology Development Program of our company The goal of internship is to develop our new staff into knowledgeable technology influencers. 

For a Fortune 10 firm that influences the future of everything from connectivity to entertainment, you will work on high-value projects and initiatives. 

Additionally, interns will  be a part of a robust mentor network and study with a group of similarly driven peers. 

Program Internship Eligibility

Students from the following Nanodegree programs at Udacity who have graduated or who will graduate before their internship begins are welcome to apply:

  • Complete Web Developer
  • Web front-end developer
  • Mobile Web Expert
  • React
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Machine Learning
  • Developer of clouds
  • Engineer for Cloud DevOps
  • Java Developer

The ability to work legally in the United States is a requirement for interns; AT&T will not sponsor candidates for any form of work visa for this position.

Applicants for internships must also hold a bachelor’s degree or above. Any Bachelor’s degree or higher is acceptable, regardless of the major.

for the internship you can submit an application for one of the above positions. When openings arise, successful interns will also be eligible to apply for full-time employment.

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