ASU Study Abroad: Comprehensive Guide

Students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in politics and the economy are not permitted to pursue a concurrent degree with the BS in economics from another institution.

About ASU 

Arizona State University (ASU) was founded in 1885 by 13 Arizona territorial Legislature  and is among the biggest public tertiary institution in the united States of America according to enrollment 

ASU is among the three universities in Arizona governed by the Arizona Board of Regents, ASU has close to 150,000. students enrolled in different classes with over 38,000 students doing online programs 90,000 undergraduates and closely 20,000

ASU Study Abroad Program 

Quantitative and modeling skills as well as a rich understanding of political context, utilizing the strengths of both the ASU Department of Economics and the School of Politics and Global Studies.

Due to the high level of curriculum overlap, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a BS in economics from the W. P. Carey School of Business, a BS in political sciences, or a BA in political science are all options. If students have any further questions, they should consult with their academic advisor.

Benefits of  Abroad Students 

  • Introduction to new health environment and issues you to new health environments and challenges.
  • Improvement of cultural awareness 
  • Examine your capability to conform in a face of challenging socio-cultural situations
  • To Advance language and multi-cultural communication abilities to communicate effectively with various populations.
  • The student would have a hedge when registering for medical school
  • Have practical experience and become familiar with cultural distinctions in medical treatment 

Reasons to Study Abroad 

  • Career Benefits Get a sense of purpose and direction in your career 85% of study abroad graduates posit their experience assisted them to develop job-market skills such as adaptability, effective communication, critical thinking, and decision making.
  • Academic Benefits: Get major, minor, or elective credits while gaining an international perspective on your field of study, Students who study abroad are 20% more likely to graduate than students who stay on campus.
  • Personal Benefits entail strengthening your personal identity, making discoveries of new interest and passion, and getting in touch with people all over the world students who studied abroad tend to partake in a global society. 

Politics and the economy Students who complete the BS program are prepared for careers that require a seasoned understanding of the relationship between politics and the economy.

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