Archive Internship (Comprehensive Guide)

After being accepted into the program, interns are matched with a mentor who has expertise in the field of their concentration. Archive seeks for committed, zealous, and enthusiastic interns eager to obtain practical experience.

About Archive Internship

Students have the chance to learn more about the inner workings of archives through internships at the State Archives of North Carolina. Through this collaboration, interns can gain real-world experience to clarify and advance their career aspirations. High school students, college freshmen, graduate students, and recent graduates can all apply for internships. 

Criteria for Eligibility

An unpaid internship is a work opportunity created to supplement your official education. The National Archives offers unpaid internships, but depending on your school’s policies, you may be able to complete one for academic credit.

  • You must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible:
  • American national
  • 16 years of age minimum
  • A student who is enrolled or has been accepted to a recognized educational institution.
  • Your qualifications and interests should align with the objectives of the internship project, and you should be in excellent academic standing.
  • A National Agency Check and Inquiry (NACI) background check will also be needed of you.

Required Courses

Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply to the National Archives’ voluntary internship program. The program is open to all majors, however if you’re studying one of the following, our internships offer fantastic opportunities:

  • History
  • Political Science
  • Library & Information Science

If the following interests you, there are specific internship listings that may be of interest to you:

  • Education
  • Communications
  • Law
  • Information Technology
  • Business
  • Computer Science

How to Apply 

Your area of interest may affect the application process. Please carefully study each opportunity to make sure you are submitting the necessary documents and that you are adhering to any deadlines.

Interns will receive pertinent instruction, practical fieldwork experience, advance to the next level and learn how to help and manage beginning practitioners. In addition to obtaining crucial career skills, interns should have developed their skills and be prepared for the workforce.

CSN Team

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