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Practicum experience credit hours were developed to give students majoring in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology practical training in their area of study.

About APK Internship

You must complete a minimum of 48 clock hours of practical experience for each credit hour registered. Prior to the end of registration (drop/add week), it is necessary to calculate the total number of clock hours that must be completed.

If the number of hours worked is larger or less than the number needed, you won’t be able to adjust the number of credits.

According to departmental policy, no hours worked in a previous semester will be granted credit retroactively.


To complete a minimum of 520 hours at an approved internship site during the chosen academic semester in order to gain experience in the student’s field of study.

To use the internship as a stepping stone to find a job that pays well in the student’s field of study or to support an application for admission to a post-graduate program.

Expectations of Applied Interns

  • Read the Undergraduate Internship Policies and Procedures Manual before applying, and be sure to send in all the paperwork by the deadlines.
  • Think of your relationship with your site supervisor as being like your relationship with the faculty at your university. You should expect regular direction, correction, and advice from your site supervisor.
  • Review all assignments and requested materials with the site supervisor.
  • Show personal qualities in voice, speaking, dependability, demeanor, confidence, zeal, and rapport with others that are appropriate for a professional.
  • Dress accordingly and be prepared to be addressed as Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms.
  • Stay away from excesses in jewelry, beard length, and makeup.
  • Don’t smoke while working.

Approval Process

  • Find a faculty member at APK who will oversee your practicum.
  • With the site supervisor’s and the APK faculty supervisor’s signatures, complete the APK Practicum – Independent Study Contract.
  • You will be given departmental approval to register for the course once the contract has been authorized. You’ll get the class number from the instructor.

You will be added to a “Pre-Internship” e-Learning/Canvas website once you have been given the all-clear to complete your internship during the intended semester. Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.

CSN Team.

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