AMD Internship Program 2022 – Check Details

Consider the AMD internships as your next great chance if you have the drive and motivation to challenge the status quo, push the envelope, create something new, and transform the world.

About AMD Internship

Take a peek at AMD, which has your next fantastic chance, if you have the drive and motivation to challenge the existing quo, push the envelope, provide innovation, and alter the world. Wonderful internships are now available across the country from AMD.

Numerous employment disciplines, including engineering, tax, design, and others, have openings. Students who are pursuing their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees are eligible to apply.

Here is a list of AMD internships we’ve put together to assist you in choosing the perfect one. Read through our entire list to gain something.

Summer Tax Intern

The vacant post of Summer Tax Intern is being advertised by AMD and is located in Santa Clara, California. This intern’s primary duty will be to support the Santa Clara tax division with matters relating to federal and state income taxes, sales and property tax returns, and audit compliance requirements.

The best applicants should have completed intermediate-level coursework in accounting, business English, and federal income tax.

Physical Design CAD Intern

The position of Physical Design CAD Intern is now open at AMD, and the position is located in Santa Clara, California.

The major goal of this internship is to create and maintain a top-notch hardware design flow in a high-pressure production setting at the cutting edge of contemporary technology.

Candidates must have completed three years of a bachelor’s degree in electrical or computer engineering or be enrolled in a master’s program to be eligible for this internship.

Front-End Design Intern Summer

For the summer, AMD is looking for a smart and imaginative front-end design intern. Understanding computer architecture, being able to use Synopsys tools successfully to provide the best design feasible, and being able to work well with a competent international team are requirements for this position.

As part of this internship, you will collaborate with the chip floor layout team and architects to create a unique data fabric topology for each SOC AMD produces.

Power and Performance Intern     

With its Power and Performance Intern program, AMD now offers students the chance to obtain practical experience. Santa Clara, California will be the base for this chance.

The candidates should be well-versed in Verilog, C, C++, and any applicable scripting languages in addition to having a prior grasp of the GPU/CPU pipeline design.

For the simulation/emulation platform, this intern will design automation to extract and produce directed tests.

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