Acting Medical Internship (View More Details)

Acting Medical Internship provides a good learning environment for students in medical field, to gain cognate experience in the course of the internship.

About Acting Medical Internship

Acting Medical Internship (AI) is a four-week (28 day) program that provides intensive inpatient experiences in internal medicine. 

Primary patient care responsibility and direct reporting relationships with faculty and upper-level residents in the Department of Medicine are two features of this program. 

Students take responsibility for the overall care of the patients they are given throughout the AI, from admission to discharge, including care transfers. 

Interns Primary Responsibilities for Patient care 

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  • Communication with patients and their families
  • Making notes for patients
  • Making consultant calls
  • Developing and implementing management strategies
  • Having the chance to conduct operations as necessary while being closely supervised
  • Preparing for discharge and taking into account the requirements of the patient that go along with these transitions
  • Collaborating with a patient care team
  • Getting practice writing patient instructions
  • As clinical abilities advance during the month, patient care duties will gradually increase.

Acting Medical Internship Highlight

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  • Patient admission with your resident
  • Becoming a vital part of a hospital ward staff
  • Having up to six individuals as your primary care patients
  • Opportunities for Clinical Practice in a Tertiary Care Setting
  • Acting interns at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center have the chance to serve patients in a setting that is focused on tertiary care and work one-on-one with a resident.

The Acting Intern will get a taste of what it’s like to be an intern on the team under strict supervision, medical internship in internal medicine will be a crucial component of your last year of medical school.

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