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With a growing number of talented participants joining each year, absolute Internship continues to support students and recent graduates in stepping outside of their comfort zones and pursuing their dreams.

About Absolute Internship

Engineering internships from Absolute Internship give you the chance to learn more about important engineering fields including civil engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering. They also present chances in green technology and sustainability.

A recognized international internship program is Absolute Internship. they give students the chance to grow their professional and social networks while also learning priceless skills in the field of their choice. Internship, provide chances for engineering internships that are more focused on business and located in city centers.

Over 5,000 students have been linked with 800+ corporate partners since our beginning in 2009, and these companies are located in world-class locations including Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, London, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tokyo. As a global pioneer in internship programs

Eligibility Criteria

Learn more information about prerequisite for Absolute Internship

  • Good performance in school and behavior
  • At the time of application, you must be a second-year student or higher with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Check with the provider for any further specifications.

Absolute internship gives interns the ability to network with other ambitious, motivated, and open-minded students and to establish connections with key industry leaders and experts during the duration of their internship program.

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